How To Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

Have you ever been tempted to make vanilla extract fresh in your own kitchen? Unlike some other products, making your own vanilla extract is extremely simple to do and gives a much richer and fuller flavour than those bought from a supermarket. By using natural vanilla beans and avoiding artificial products such as flavouring and additives, it gives you the chance to use a product that can liven up any dish at any moment you wish!

What ingredients do I need?

Making vanilla extract is exceptionally easy to do and you will only need three ingredients for the recipe.


It's best to use vodka for the recipe as it will not alter the end flavour of the extract although other spirits such as bourbon or rum can be used.

When making your extract, it's best to use around 8 vanilla beans for every 250 ml.

What do I need to do?

Making vanilla extract can be made in three simple steps. Firstly, split the vanilla beans in half lengthways with a knife.


After this, place all of the beans inside your bottle/jar and cover them with the spirit until the beans are practically submerged and then close the lid of the container.


 Now that the hard work is done, place the bottle/jar in a cool and dry place for the next 8 weeks. Check on the extract once a week and give it a good shake every now and again.

Once the eighth week has arrived, your homemade extract is finished ready to go.

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Don’t use Gin. It’s a specific grain mix, that is very hard to unflavor itself. If you know someone that has a still, you might hit them up for some 90% alcohol. The higher the percentage of alcohol the better. A whole vanilla bean is good to use to make “home made liqueurs” .


Any type of alcohol can be used to make vanilla extract. Vodka is most commonly used because it does not add any additional flavors to the vanilla extract. Bourbon, brandy, or rum can be used and they create unique flavors. Selection of alcohol is a personal preference.


Would gin work well without altering the flavour too much?
Just thinking I could drink any leftover gin :)


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