Grade-A Vanilla Beans

Grade A vanilla beans are the highest quality beans, with a strong, sweet aroma and a high moisture content. They are plump, oily, and have a rich, dark colour. These beans are ideal for cooking and baking, as they will add a rich, flavourful taste to your dishes. They are also the best choice for making vanilla extract, as the high moisture content and strong flavour will result in a high-quality extract.

To use Grade A vanilla beans, you can split the beans down the middle and scrape out the seeds to use in your recipes. The seeds, also known as the caviar, are the most flavourful part of the bean and can be used to add a rich vanilla flavour to a variety of dishes. The empty beans can also be used to infuse flavour into liquids, such as milk or cream, by adding the beans to the liquid and allowing it to steep for a few hours or overnight.

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