Making the Right Choice: Comparing Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans are graded based on their quality and appearance. The grading system of vanilla bean varies depending on the country of origin, but generally, there are three main grades:

Grade A: These are the highest quality beans, with a high moisture content and a strong, sweet aroma. They are plump, oily, and have a rich, dark colour.

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Grade B: These beans are of a lower quality than Grade A, but they are still usable. They may be a bit drier and less flavourful than Grade A beans, and they may have some blemishes or imperfections.

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Grade C: These are the lowest quality beans, and they are often used in extract or other processed products. They may be very dry, brittle, and have a weak flavour.

In general, Grade A beans are the best choice for cooking and baking, while lower grade beans may be more suitable for making extract or other products where the flavour is less important.