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Tropical Vanilla

Vanilla Beans Tahitian (Tahiti) Grade A Bulk

Vanilla Beans Tahitian (Tahiti) Grade A Bulk

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Papua New Guinea Tahitian vanilla beans have flowery and fruity aroma. Tahitian varieties are completely different type of vanilla beans than the Bourbon varieties. Tahitian vanilla beans are more delicate than Bourbon beans with completely different flavour profile. Because of their sweet floral flavour, Tahitian vanilla beans are very popular among the gourmet pastry chefs.

Product Description 

Product Grade: Grade A 

Length : 16cm+

Country of Origin: Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Vanillin: 1.6–2.0%

Moisture: 28-33%

Quality Beans – Dark chocolate colour, soft, moist and beautiful floral fragrance with tones of ripe fruit and rich cherry-chocolate flavour. 

Vanilla beans in a vacuumed pack to keep freshness (we use only Commercial food grade vacuum bags)

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